Call for Applicants

Scholars Program

Up to ten (10) ACG Scholars will be selected from a group of graduate business school students who participated in the 2019 and/or the 2018 ACG Educational Cup Competition and who are highly encouraged to apply.

This prestigious award will enable students from a broad range of social backgrounds to establish a professional network among leading senior executives in the middle market. This network will help the Scholars build relationships that have the potential to assist them in finding their first – and subsequent – professional jobs and in enhancing business development efforts throughout their careers.

Since the Scholars Program is predominantly focused on events and professionals in the NY tri-state area, it is highly encouraged that only those applicants who are located in the NY metropolitan area and/or who have the flexibility to frequently travel to the NYC area apply.

Application deadline: July 31st

Scholar Program Application

Complete the 2019 – 2020 application.