Working Since 2004

About ACG Cares

ACG Cares – NY Chapter, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, was created by the New York Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth to serve as a way to nurture the next generation of business leaders in New York. ACG Cares does this by providing access to established executives who can assist college and graduate students in their job-search. In addition, ACG Cares will support nonprofit organizations that facilitate career placement in business.

Our Strategy

ACG Cares will host 3-4 events per year where we will connect educated young adult candidates with middle market executives and their firms. ACG Cares plans to partner with the New York chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG New York) and other non profit organizations.

About ACG NY

ACG New York is the premier association in New York for middle market deal-making professionals: private capital providers (both equity and debt), M&A advisors, corporate executives, accountants, attorneys and other related service providers.

Expanding Knowledge and Opportunities

ACG Cares respresents varied backgrounds, experiences and connections.

We founded ACG Cares to help students “network” for their first business job after college or grad school. We had reflected upon our own lives and wondered who helped “us” and how could we make it easier for others to build their career paths, have mentors, and leverage relationships and experience from others.

ACG Cares Benefits

Benefits to Candidates

Meet Leading Middle Market Professionals and Firms // Receive Feedback, Guidance and Advice // Establish Long Lasting Relationships

Benefits to Middle Market Professionals and Firms

> Source Exceptional and Diverse Candidates
> Demonstrate Leadership in World’s Financial Capital
> Engage Future Leaders of Middle Market Industry

Benefits to Our Community

> Create Jobs in New York Metro Area
> Support Local Higher Education
> Drive Middle Market Growth